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nearing the end of time on first playthrough. (so plz nooo spoilers). (Archived)
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Lightning is hottest girl in any video game (Archived)
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Getting ready to start this soon. What should i keep in mind? (Archived)evidpeed71/31 6:34PM
Trials Earth Eater (Archived)Ninjahawk8861/30 11:52AM
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How do I play this?! (Archived)
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how is there no load button? (Archived)BloodySeraphim71/29 5:09AM
I just needed ONE MORE -- OMG ONE MORE DAY. (Archived)lowtcp81/28 9:56AM
Do I have to kill Aeronite to complete the Last Ones sidequest? (Archived)Icewitch71/28 4:08AM
damage immunity without str.mag penalty (Archived)chrcol11/27 7:28PM
No.. But really... (Archived)FaustXII61/27 3:28PM
Now what? (Archived)Ninjahawk8851/27 9:24AM
No guide (Archived)Ninjahawk8871/26 9:54AM
The game is good. (Archived)
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Is lightning looks based of someone? (Archived)
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Do you think Lightning is the most powerful Female fighter in all of FF? (Poll)
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Could someone help me with some information for the DLC garbs? (Archived)DAMIDDLEFINGER71/22 8:13PM
Meonekton omega (Archived)clsephyrot41/20 9:38AM