why does SE continue to waste time with Lightning/the FF 13 world?

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It's almost like SE is catering to the FF and RPG fanbases rather than just you, TC. I know! It's crazy, right!?
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Tiael posted...
Or separate teams are working on other games, like Nomura and Versus XIII, and Tabata and possibly Type-1 (like we'll ever see Type-0 here).
The Lightning saga is being released to fill in the off-time, since ARR is holding back future FF games due to the failure of XIV and needing to be rebuilt.

XV is most likely being worked on as well, but it may very well be for next gen systems, which are rumored to be shown at E3.

Pretty much the truth, in SE's financial statement of 2011 fiscal year they basically said all HD gaming IP's are on hold to rebuild FFXIV. (move people onto that games development).

(HD gaming means console games)

Making Lightning Returns is probably the quickest game they can release because

-character models already exist
-unused area's left over from 13/13-2 exist
-the main story board was probably already developed before the staff changes of HD gaming
-previous knowledge of how crystal tools dev kit works vs a new dev kit

Anyways... its just probably the quickest game they can possibly develop, and develop it short staffed.

Tiael I disagree on one point. FFXIV ARR is not only holding back future FF games, its holding back all SE:Japan branch games. (for example, SE's Eidos EU branch is unlikely to be affected). This means, FFX-HD, Versus, Kingdom Hearts 3 (if it was planned), another Tactics Ogre game (super secret ending hints at development of another one) etc etc.
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I'm amazed this topic is still going. Everyone taking this so seriously can relax. It was a joke topic. Some of the things mentioned or suggested by me are just ridiculous. I really thought it was obvious.
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