Diminished success blamed on Western expectations

#21sniffyPosted 1/2/2013 7:25:00 PM
I have some off the beaten path reasons why JRPGS are failing:

- The same guys have been working since the 80's and are burnt out.

- There is no mentoring at companies, so there's nobody to carry on the brands while infusing new ideas and energies. They are not growing new talent. So once the old fogies retire, there will be a void. These companies give up the future by keeping the same old guys at the top, and preventing others from rising up in the ranks. Shigeru Miyamoto tried to do the mentoring thing at Nintendo and was denied. Keiji Inafune wanted to do this, and Capcom told him to get lost.

- There has been a foolish idea in Japan among developers that JRPGS should appeal more to Western Audiences. These developers have no clue about what Western gamers want. They look at what is successful in America (Shooters, Sports, White Men with guns/weapons destroying everything) and they decide to use these ideals as the basis for game design.

- Corporate and executive micromanagement of creative teams, dictating content with no idea about the principles of producing art.

Final Fantasy is not immune to these devastating events. Final Fantasy XIII and Fabula Nova Crystalis are the culmination of all those destructive forces. They shouldn't blame Western gamers demands, because they have no clue about what we are demanding.
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