Story Prediction: GILGAMESH is a General in the Rebellion.

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Power corrupts? Void Rift Place messes with you? Crystal does some funk to ya?

So, is he like, on meth?

No he isn't. I suspect being a Orience L'cie has certain repercussions if you go against your focus even if you legitimately forget about it. Or the possibility the power of the Genbu Crystal resides within his body turning him slowly into a monster but retaining his humanity(mental state).

Either way, the path of his will is turning him into a monster.

Another possibility is this is a side effect of the Ultima Bomb.


Deep stuff. I understand, I am sorry for calling him a frog.

Can't say for sure yet, but we know he survived a Ultima Bomb right next to detonation which should have meant his initial demise and this was a much more powerful L'cie enhanced version as opposed to regular Ultima Bombs used against other L'cie in the Novels.
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