What was the last Squenix game you enjoyed from start to finish ?

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I will say that ff9 & ff10 are the ones ithat i enjoyed from start to finish. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. Started the game and finished it without any long gaps. Only problem i had with 12 was that I hated Vaan and didnt like how most of the Espers were reduced to mere side quests. as for ff13 I really hated the "journey to Pulse" segment in Chapter 11 because it was totally and utterly waste of time. Whatever u put it a filler is always going to be a filler.
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Yuji Kaido posted...
This topic is full of liars.

(' 3 ')

Start to finish means FROM THE BEGINNING of the game TO THE END of the game. Liars.

Heaven forbid anybody is actually telling the truth in this thread, right? What, u mad, bro?
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From: Yukanna | #154
Tales of, you know what to expect from that series. It has never tried to be intellectual, or critical, or have a underlying message or anything.

That's...not true though. I would offer up Tales of the Abyss as an example here.

No Tales game I've played even begins to approach FFXIII levels of narrative tomfoolery, and at best I would say they rival or trump many FF games, past and present.

Graces, while admittedly weak, was still better than FFXIII imo.

On topic: KH1 probably.
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The last game that came out? Kingdom Hearts 3D.
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There's a few:

Dues Ex: Human Revolution


Sleeping Dogs

And probably a couple of others that I didn't know were published by SE.
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Yuji Kaido posted...
Radiata Stories for me.

Radiata Stories wasn't even developed by SE.

Also, answering the topic - FFXIII
And I'm actually honest.
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Mad_Cartoonist posted...
Yuji Kaido posted...
Radiata Stories for me.

Radiata Stories wasn't even developed by SE.

Also, answering the topic - FFXIII
And I'm actually honest.

Once again: Don't care. They shouldn't have put their name on the box.
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Lost odyssey wasn't a queeny was it? It felt as such though. Me guesses X-2 but me liked X a bunch so me is biased.
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We talking about order of play or release date?
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