What was the last Squenix game you enjoyed from start to finish ?

#21TiaelPosted 1/9/2013 8:25:26 PM
FFXIII-2, Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest VI DS, Theatrhythm FF, probably some others.
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#22BlueDragmirePosted 1/9/2013 8:31:34 PM
Remake of Tactics Ogre on the PSP.
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#23Pawkie07Posted 1/9/2013 8:47:12 PM

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#24Karnage4208238Posted 1/9/2013 8:59:39 PM
final fantasy 8 it is my 2ed favorite final fantasy after final fantasy 4
#25Kenichi34Posted 1/9/2013 9:05:45 PM
XIII-2, honestly.
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#26Fou LuPosted 1/9/2013 9:07:18 PM

Unless you count Chrono Trigger on the DS, but it's just a port, not a whole new game.
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#27shamownPosted 1/9/2013 9:07:52 PM
The newest game from Square Enix that I enjoyed was Final Fantasy XIII. Haven't played XIII-2 yet. Oldest is II.
#28Jude_MathisPosted 1/9/2013 9:13:46 PM
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#29takethathuskerPosted 1/9/2013 9:16:06 PM
Tactics Ogre. The first newly-released game i enjoyed from start to finish was Final Fantasy X. I would say Kingdom Hearts, but I recently replayed that game and it does not play as well as I remember.
#30Trailblazer34Posted 1/9/2013 9:16:09 PM
what. ffxiii-2 is the second worst ff after 2. (and maybe Mystic quest.) come on.