FF series babes!

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4 years ago#71
Benny-26 posted...
What do you think it means when a girl leaves a fake mustache at your house?
4 years ago#72
Tifa, Ashe, Celes, Beatrix, Garnet, Lulu

Honorable mention: Aerith

Also, what is Marlene doing there? XD
4 years ago#73
Elice_Carol posted...
but I wouldn't deem her (or any of the other FF females) as "babes".

You'd be wrong.
What do you think it means when a girl leaves a fake mustache at your house?
4 years ago#74
Quistis and Jihl Nabaat all the fricken way
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4 years ago#75


Right on. Have you seen dem thighs and hips in her Dissidia cutscenes? Lord those thick curves.
4 years ago#76
Aeris, Celes and the chick from FF5 the princess
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4 years ago#77
Vidius101 posted...
the chick from FF5 the princess

I love her so much I won't bother remembering her name.
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4 years ago#78
I always liked the way Fang was portrayed. She reminds me of Vicki Peterson and Susanna Hoffs at their peak.
4 years ago#79
If you have a awesome Limit Break(s), you get in. If you have an amazing rack, you get in. If you can fight barefisted or an unique way, you get in. If you can heal an entire party and make them invulnerable, you get in.

Tifa, Fang & Lulu sit at the top for many reasons. :P Plus using that Mog or whatever it is to attack is boss. Also riding a Chocobo side saddle is straight classy.
Rinoa, Aeris, Lightning, Terra, Quistis are next in line.
The last group consists of Sanctum Inquisitrix's and miscellaneous support female characters.
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4 years ago#80
I'm laughing at this because if they did this, they would put in a "serious" story for why all the girls are on a beach play volleyball.

They have all been transported to a beach where time stands still to participate in a volleyball tournament to decide the fate of all worlds.

Yep, but FF always works best when it does not take itself seriously.
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