FFX HD and Versus XIII more wanted than LR in Japan

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MalakTawus posted...
I guess i misunderstood you.
But i still don't agree that SE can easily appeal the FF fanbase anyway.
Thinking like tht imo is way too naive especially since some positions are way too different (for not saying that they are completely opposite).
a lot of fans want the main saga to continue to be very similar to the "old-school Final Fantasy", while a lot of others absolutely think that that idea is lame.
Is it possible to unite these two positions? The answer is only one: NO.

I think after 10 games with similar battle systems most fans of the series are ready to for evolution. Also, remaking/re-releasing older school FF games is one thing they are doing for older fans. On the opposite side of that coin, it's completely moronic not to remake 7 when it's not only a goldmine for profit, but highly wanted by alot of fans (even if people that only liked 7 bought it, which won't be the case guaranteed, it would still make a huge profit). But I degress, the split isn't that dramatic at all, I would argue very few hardcore FF fans want it to stay that way. Like I said before, the opposition is mostly in the direction the series is going, not where it should go.

MalakTawus posted...
You say that the problem to keep the fanbase united is something that all the games have, but even that is not really true.
It's actually very rare to see a fanbase as divided as FF, and the reason is simple: FF is the ONLY huge jrpg serie that actually try to bring innovation (at least since technology allows to do something different than the old formula), at least much more than any other:
Persona games (or SMT in general) change this much? No.Pokemon? No commentmonster hunter? .....................Dragon quest? NopeStar Ocean? No.the list would be quite long

Yes, all games have split fanbases in one form or another, the reason those games don't have as many people being vocal about it is because the target audience has always been the same.

WoW is an example
So is LoLso is Dragon ball Z (budokai to tenkaichi alienated alot of fans)So is Megaman So is DMC ect ect

The split only really happened after 11 popped it's head (you could argue 10 I guess, but I doubt there's alot to argue with). Then 12, and then 13. It's been awhile since ff has had any real consistency with game type (years), that's your reason for all the bickering between fans, and it is absolutely squares fault in handling the series.
MalakTawus posted...
A serie that changes so much is a serie that knows that it's impossible to avoid huge complaints since no mater what direction you chose,
it's not that i don't like old school jrpgs, on the contrary i love them (and BD is a clear example), it's just that i belive that the old formula is been used way too much and with the potential of the current technology i think even jrpgs should speriment different directions and maybe return to the "old school" once in a while, this way even the old school titles would feel "fresh".

They havent been consistent in what they want FF to be, it's impossible to avoid huge complaints when you have no idea what you're doing. Pokemon for example is going fully 3D gameplay wise, how did the fanbase react? They LOVED it. They aren't trying to make a new type of game with every sequal and that's fine, because their audience is the same with each game and they improve it for the fans. Square on the other hand is just a mess, they want everyone to like everything they do ALL THE TIME. You can see the problem with that. Changing the way final fantasy works is fine, but square sucks ass at doing it. And remember, new doesn't mean good.
this one time, i found a pube in my unopened pokemon game
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Not the exact response I originally typed or your exact quotes, Because character limitations exist.
this one time, i found a pube in my unopened pokemon game
I would have 1500 karma, but I forgot to login. FC 2065 3310 1217