Square Enix teasing Final Fantasy V and VI reveals!!!!!

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A sparse teaser page has been posted by Square Enix Japan that appears to suggest an announcement concerning Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI is due this week.

A teaser page containing little more than sprite outlines and a date of January 17 has been posted on Square Enix’s Japanese site.

According to Siliconera, the sprite outlines are those of the Behemoth from Final Fantasy VI and what appear to be character sprites from Final Fantasy V. The only other information on the teaser page is a date of January 17, which is Thursday this week.

Last month, Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy V “and more” will be ported to iOS devices. Is this part of the “mobile revolution” that the trailer spoke of, or something else?
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iOS ports, nothing to see here.
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It's Final Fantasy: All the Bravest for iOS.
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iOS junk to be as expected.
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Lol. iOS
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Eww FFV.
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Zantetsuken_G posted...
iOS junk to be as expected.

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Not as bad that SE Countdown site for a space themed game everyone thought was Star Ocean 5. But close.
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kupo1705 posted...
iOS ports, nothing to see here.

Not necessarily ports. Obviously it's coming to IOS, but these might be actual remakes. Looking at the sprite silhouettes, none of the four match FFV/VI character sprites. They sort of look like Locke or Bartz, but no precise matches like the FFVI behemoth outlines on the left side. That suggests new character sprites (and thus, new graphics + actual remake).

The other feasible option is this is a FF social game spinoff. That would suck. But a straight port seems unlikely given the teaser sprites.