Square Enix teasing Final Fantasy V and VI reveals!!!!!

#81hambaconeggPosted 1/15/2013 4:41:27 PM
fanofff6 posted...
I take everything back. Square updated the teaser page and it's becoming clear that it's another social game spinoff.

#82King_Shortt_IXPosted 1/15/2013 4:45:04 PM
Thank goodness. We need more social games.
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Zantetsuken_G posted...
Not as bad that SE Countdown site for a space themed game everyone thought was Star Ocean 5. But close.

Nobody's fault but everybody who thought it would be Star Ocean 5. Also, those guys who were so sure TWEWY was getting a sequel were at fault as well. People getting angry at Squeenix for not fulfilling personal assumptions.
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