Should we old FF fans retire so the new breed can enjoy the new series?

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kratoscar2008 posted...

I feel that FF is not for us anymore, our last FF game was FFX so we might as well forget about the HD release and SE seems to dont care to release it to us but FFXIII fans seems to be getting a nice threatment from SE.

PS: if this seem like trolling then is my fault for not wording this better.

I liked 12, the battle system stunk, but at least it was in the older style.

And you are trolling, but about 50% of us who post here are.
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Carpetfluff posted...
How does you retiring help someone else enjoy the game more? Unless you mean they won't have to read threads like this?

I meant in the sense of complaining about how FF doesnt seem to appeal to the old gamers anymore, for example if we dont complain about the game in so many forums then SE could focus in what people liked of todays FFs and dont give a damm about the complainers.

FFXIII was inspired by FPS instead of RPGs fans, i say FF isnt FF just for this fact alone.
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