Will the goths hate ff13 vs if it comes out?

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I now hate all Final Fantasy because of you. Congratulations on being a scourge to an entire franchise.
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The_Cisco posted...
I'm been thinking about the FF13 hate mostly, and while it is obvious that the hate is a bunch of PS starting GOTH fans who can't get over their clouds and squalls and decide to play the"oh i am old school *slits wrist" look to drop some weight in their opinions.. i've also heard them say "they should release 13 vs!". My take is. I think the goths would still hate ff13 vs. Much more if FF13 vs became the actual FF13 while Lightning's games would be in the void zone. They'd be crying about FF13vs being some sort of proof of massive decline in quality and go "why not release FF13 Lightning".

But maybe i could be wrong since most of the Goths who have been complaining and comparing 13 with the past games some how think the present hero isn't as good as the past heroes who wined and moaned about self-amnesia, wore black short fur coat with "leave me alone i hate everyone" attitude then later falls in love, and villains with long grey hair, black eye liners and black dress to a thong wearing male villains. Seeing a bit of short grey hair in the FF13 vs game may bring them a bit home a bit.. but i'd still expect the same old


Yes. Because it have emo. And goth no like emo.
Versus XIII is coming in 2014, GTA5 will be awesome, and PS4/Xbox 720 is coming in Dec. Lightning Return will be super awesome and I don't care what you think!