Lightning or Serah?

#11DragoonGriffithPosted 1/22/2013 1:20:41 PM
Claire Farron.

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JudgeNoah posted...
Lightning because shes not Serah

The other way around would make more sense.
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Panda_Kun posted...
Lumina Farron.

Lumina = Serah
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Yuel Ballad

*grinds teeth in anger*
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What kind of best friend wiuld I be if I didn't say Lightning?
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#16MysteryVeilPosted 1/22/2013 4:09:18 PM
Neither. It's the only correct answer.
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#17Capitan_KidPosted 1/22/2013 4:46:38 PM
The one with pink hair.
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zodiac_sword posted...
JudgeNoah posted...
Lightning because shes not Serah

Serah because she's not Lightning.
#19zodiac_swordPosted 1/22/2013 5:52:04 PM
Capitan_Kid posted...
The one with pink hair.
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