I thought FF7 was the best RPG

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Unpure_Euphoria posted...
9 is a great one, but I still think 7 has just a little bit of edge over it. This is just me personally. 12 is very close to 7 as well, and above 9 to me. I love the Ivalice world.

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I like ff12 better than all previous ff games.
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i like XIII. VI is still the best and has its flaws as well.
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In my opinion the top FFs are:
1, FF7 & 9.
2, FF10 & 13-2
3, FF 8
4, FF4
5, FF 12.
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I find IX has the best FF feel, it's what FF series SHOULD be, super fantasy settings in a fantasy world. VII has the best cast of character altogether. VI is still my favorite though.
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Everyone knows FF4 is the greatest.
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It is okay, I can't stand the characters though. The only people I like are Vivi, Beatrix, and Kuja, everyone else is just pure garbage.
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TMG2186 posted...
VIII is better than IX.

I agree.

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And Planescape:Torment, Baldur's Gate II, FFT, Persona 4, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, Valkyrie Profile, Mother 3, and The World Ends With You are the grestest RPGs ever. The main FF series doesn't really come close (except VI, which is sweet).
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I agree FFIX is my favourite final fantasy of all and I've played nearly all of them (not played XIII and haven't really gotten far in I-III). Second favourite is FFIV which fittingly FFIX took most of its inspiration for.
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