Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragments After

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So, Etro comprehends stuff on a level beyond anything we can understand?
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More translations can be found here:
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The decoration on the moogle's head, or pom-pom, appears to be some sort of antenna. That's right, when he sensed a strong one, the pom-pom was shining, Lightning felt. When he turned into a bow, it was probably the pom-pom's searching ability that was working to make it instantly lock-on to its target.

lol wow, my opinion of Serah has dropped exponentially. :P

Although, i guess it more or less explains how Serah would become some expert marksman within 3 years.
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Snow was branded by the fal'Cie Cactuar and given the Focus of finding Serah and fighting beside her in the fated battle.

LOL Catuar Falcie is actually canon? XD

Fated battle = final boss of "Returns?" The idea of Snow saving Serah's soul from the abyss is very intriguing to me.

What if Snow ends up fighting the Chaos Yeul entity? O___o
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Elice_Carol posted...
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Elice was going to leave?

*Glomps Elice and refuses to let go*

NOOOOO!!!!!! Who else will actually try to make intelligent conversations about story!?

Hakurou, GenocideHeart, you, chaosflame, B4K, paulowirth, etc....

However, none of you post with my tenacity, so I'm here to stay. 'Sides, I think you'll all become very cynical as the game nears release.

The only people who will get cynical are Val, Kupo and possibly officefan
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There are a lot of Mog/Hope parallells in Lightning's story. Valhalla must be making her confused.

14 yearold Hope was a lot cuter than chubby Mog, and he didn't end every sentence with "kupo".
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Huge spoilers

After betraying Serah and Noel, Alyssa tried to kill Hope but began to disappear.

Holy crap, sigh.......this should have really been in the game. -_____- I wonder if this connects to the Snow Parodox ending in some way?

Hope finds a diary belonging to Alyssa, telling the events in the Bresha Ruins at 5 AF, and how she tries to stay alive by choosing to help Caius.

Finally, the apparent plothole of "Alyssa knowing Serah's name at 5af" is solved. Sigh...freaking square enix, this stuff should really be in the game, update the freaking datalog or something. -___-

When she regained her senses, she was wearing shining armor. A man was standing nearby. He tried to tell her to not be there for the goddess, that the time of destruction would not be for hundreds of years yet, that she would never be able to go back to her family and friends if she stayed. But Lightning refused to go. She would stay for the goddess. She would help fend off the destruction. The man, a mere illusion, faded.

Can't wait for this part. I wonder who the man is? Cid/Sahz/Her father?

Snow has just met Rygdea in Palumpolum. He's now on an airship, one that starting to be surrounded by mist and monsters. He has fal'Cie Cactuar with him, he had to snuggle it on board since they don't really allow monsters in.

LOL XD wtf? Snow and Catuar's bogus journey. An actual friendly Falcie? O___o

Snow then ends up in a loop, an unreal state where can see and hear the world around him but the world cannot see or hear him, and every time he tries to move he ends up in a different place. He soon realizes that these places are not only different in location but also in time, and finds out that Serah has left Neo Bodhum, finds out that Serah has been saving people, and finally even sees her from a distance. After many locations, he finds himself beneath Cocoon with a battle up in the skies that he can hear but not see. When he does see something, it is Serah, falling lifelessly on the ground. He cannot believe what he sees and takes yet another step as Cocoon falls around him. His final destination is what is left of Neo Bodhum, but completely destroyed. Cocoon is nowhere to be seen. He despairs. If he doesn't have power, he cannot help Serah stay alive. He asks Cactuar to make him l'Cie. Cactuar gives him a Focus to find Serah and fight by her side at that fated battle.

Damn, tragedy for Snow. Sigh.....the game is very misleading in this part. Snow became a L'cie again for Serah, not to help Vanille and Fang. That's pretty sad that Catuar apparently died. :(
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The stories in fragments after are really good.
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This Yeul never told his caretaker what her first vision was. There were also many other visions she never told him. She didn't trust him, or any other person. They were only people. She hated people and wanted that they would all die. She had been an unwanted child, born to a mother who didn't care about her. She knew that her mother would also likely die when Cocoon would fall. Most people in the world would. She traveled the world with her caretaker, seeing wars and smelling the stink everywhere. Yet she had a freedom of kinds, wherever she felt like going her caretaker would take her to. Yet she didn't tell him everything. The words of a Seeress were powerful enough to change time. She was scared.
What she had seen in her first vision had been the end of the world. A boy alone, having lost everything. She wished that everyone would die so that nobody would be left alone. After that first vision she saw him together with someone, yet she knew that eventually he would be alone. She couldn't wish ill for him, she wished for him to become happy. She made a wish to her caretaker. Let the last Seeress live a normal life, she said. Let her have happiness. He agreed. In her heart, she felt that maybe she could trust this Caius Ballad just a little bit.

lol wow, even the most evil of Yeuls still like's Noel. :P
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From: Ultimate_Finale | #075
The only people who will get cynical are Val, Kupo and possibly officefan

They were already cynical in the first place. I meant those who believe my theory, in the fears that it won't be confirmed and all will be for naught. Sure, I'll look like a pillock, but like Nietzsche said, what's wrong with a white lie if the truth is so dark?
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