Which is better: XIII or XIII-2?

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Elice_Carol posted...
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It's a tough question.

XIII was godawfully boring for most of the game, with the first half being almost unbearable because of the restrictions. XIII-2 on the other hand was decent entertaintment from the start.

And XIII-2 has the abominable story and a cast full of unlikeable, bland jerks except for maybe Noel who's somewhat decent.

Hard to say, really.

Sounds like XIII-2, as you say nothing positive about XIII but you can at least say that XIII-2 has "decent entertainment" and Noel was pretty daycent. Oh yes, yes he was!

I suppose you're right. If someone put a gun to my head and demanded that I replay either of them, XIII-2 would be the one I'd pick. So I guess it's not a tough question at all.
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I liked the linearity of XIII.
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