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Were you satisfied with how the FF trilogy story turned out? (Poll)
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REMercsChamp635/10 1:51PM
Where is an easy place to get three status ailments on Lightning? (Archived)wilowns185/10 11:40AM
Question on buffering (Archived)Deathblade200965/10 9:37AM
This trilogy is without a doubt the most heavily character based. (Archived)wilowns155/10 1:48AM
Suggestion for beginner's garb set-up? (Archived)
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AmadeIstar125/10 12:29AM
Anyone else get obessesed with matching Garbs/Weapon/Shield? (Archived)
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GappyWing145/9 8:58PM
Game freeze upon selecting Hard Drive (Archived)Sipio45/9 4:18PM
Anything I should worry about completing in my first play through at this point? (Archived)wilowns1105/9 3:18PM
Is there a good spot to harvest Soul Seeds? (Archived)
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matt091282115/9 1:42PM
teleporting to bosses? (Archived)iNeXhauStiBle45/9 1:33AM
What would you be more into? Lightning x Serah or Lightning x Lumina? (Poll)
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Fusion916395/8 11:17PM
What can be most shameful? (Poll)
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Combat_Clinic155/8 9:55PM
Mog and the Eidolons? (Archived)Leijla_54845/8 12:09PM
So I hear there are also double and triple jump? (Archived)wilowns135/8 11:43AM
to save the sinless bugged? (Archived)iNeXhauStiBle35/8 11:31AM
I hate the time mechanics. (Archived)
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RyuReiatsu185/7 10:38PM
Limit Breaker... (Archived)e101gamma45/7 9:36PM
Most items are useless (Archived)
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Bhunivelze is so strong >~< (Archived)
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arrows right of a skill? (Archived)iNeXhauStiBle55/7 3:10PM