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3 years ago#1
Do you think Lumina is the reincarnation of Serah?
3 years ago#2
It has been decided that she is Mog in disguise.
3 years ago#3
100% she's a reincarnation of my wife.
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3 years ago#4
she's Toriyama in drag
3 years ago#5
Voicebox88 posted...
she's Toriyama in drag

O_O .......I KNEW IT!!!!
3 years ago#6
She's Lightning's future wife

They get married at the end of the game.
~Lady Tokimi~
3 years ago#7
She is no reincarnation nor is she a stupid moogle. She is most likely the viper Lindzei, for reasons pertaining to personality, her connection to Bhunivelze and humanity's inability to bear children, raising the question "Where the hell did Lumina come from?"
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3 years ago#8

Mog is dead.
3 years ago#9
She is Lightning's new wife

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