What do you hate about FFXIII?

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g6260 posted...
Everything except the art direction basically.

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the sequel
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The characters' stupidity in the ending. I get that they wouldn't want to leave Orphan in control (not that the thing can actually do much without making use of humans), but when Lightning claims they're taking back their fate then proceeds to do exactly what it wanted...it's not like it makes it any different just because she says that's what they're doing (other than influencing Etro to play DEM). In the end, the 'heroes' crash Cocoon and kill about a third of the population, with absolutely no plan for how to save the rest. Which I would actually not have minded just for the irony value, if there had been any indication the player was supposed to look at it like that.

Also Pulse, I really can't be bothered to wander around and kill stuff, if I wanted to I'd play a MMORPG.

I still like the game overall, though.

mahroflcopter posted...
Lightning has around 8,300 polygons in XIII and the rest of the party has only a few more or quite a bit less. By comparison, Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3 had 22,000+ in addition to 5,000 polygons being solely for his hair. Square did a really good job hiding the fact that the character models really aren't that good.

Huh, wow, really? I'd have to say SE made better use of those polygons, they did hide it well.
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The Story
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How much people hate it.
They're Masterworks all, you can't go wrong.
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Lack of sidequests.
Fighting the same re-skinned/palette swap monsters.
Vanille's voice
Vile Peaks

Music and story was average at best.
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I hate all the things about it. I tried to force myself to play the game and boy it was torture.
The story was horrible. Characters were unmemorable, battle system was horrible, and it was linear as hell. I don't know about you guys but i was sure that i wasn't playing an RPG.
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The one thing I hate about FFXIII is that you don't get to revisit the other Cocoon levels, like the Sunleth Waterscape or Vile Peaks which is sad because some of those places looked gorgeous. There could've been like bonus bosses in those areas and make the enemies stronger once the party returns from Gran Pulse.
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The extreme linear and restrictive nature of it.

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