The most beautiful scene in a final fantasy game?

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  3. The most beautiful scene in a final fantasy game?
2 years ago#121
The start screen of FF8 where I still have the option of turning it off and not playing a single second of that piece of crap.
2 years ago#122
Hotspring scene X-2.
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2 years ago#123
Balthier catches Ashe stealing his airship.
Admit it, you only came back to Atlanta for the hat.
2 years ago#124
Kefka frying Gestahl and kicking him off the continent.
2 years ago#125
Yuna's sending dance on the water.

Hauntingly beautiful. At least for me.

Honorable mention:
Getting to Gran Pulse in 13 and seeing the Archylte Steppe with the huge adamantoises and Titan. Then proceeding to run through the plain that was exactly like the cutscene.
Haku: You're going down, boy.
Naoto: What's with this girl?
2 years ago#126
Get away! Run away! Fly away! Lead me astray to Dreamer's Hideaway! I cannot cry 'cause the shoulder cries more, I cannot die, I, a whore for the cold world
2 years ago#127
That beautiful, extremely well-done scene between Tidus and Yuna in FFX. You know the one I mean.

2 years ago#128
Vivi witnessing the black mages deaths
And then the dude crashed - guess that would be the funny part.
2 years ago#129
The end sequence of FFX.
It's not a JRPG until you kill a god.
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2 years ago#130
the scene where Garland CRUSHES you.
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  3. The most beautiful scene in a final fantasy game?

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