I hope LR has a long doomsday clock.

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I hope they work out the kinks to make the clock flow well overall. This could really be a great game (lol... I'm sure), but if the timer isn't reasonable and it just stresses you out because you won't have enough time, it could make it just terrible.

There are 13 days [in the game world] worth of time, and they estimate the main story will take 4.
There is no way that it will stress you out if you're being reasonable.

But is that 4 days of casual gaming, or 4 days of a hardcore gamer's days? When I picked up XIII-2, I beat it, got Platinum, maxed out every monster I had, and even had ~5 hours worth of just standing around while I read up on where to go or where to get a fragment. They said that game's story was supposed to be at least 30-40 hours... Even after I did the Sazh, Lightning, and Gilgamesh DLC, I did all of the above in 40 hours my first playthrough <.< That was four days, but I walked away feeling very unsatisfied that I literally had *nothing* left to do.

I'm sure they'll be able to make the clock system work out fine, but I don't want to see this game be a quickly finished one like it's predecessor.

omg reading comprehension that was taught it school last time i checked
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