Favorite Final Fantasy quote

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3 years ago#32
MT_TRAEH posted...
What the ****?

I approve of your signature.
The final boss theme in Peace Walker is a major joke.
The official FireMage banisher.
3 years ago#33
"I'm Captain Basch!"

"I'm Captain Basch of Dalmasca!"
PSN: Toastlad098
3 years ago#34
Vanille: 'Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!'
3 years ago#35
"This guy are sick".
3 years ago#36
"But the bird... the bird says no." - Sazh
3 years ago#37
Kefka: Run! Run! Or you'll be well-done!
When ancient man screamed and beat on the ground with sticks, they called it WITCHCRAFT.
When modern man does the same thing, they call it GOLF.
3 years ago#38
ZasFF posted...
FFVII Cid: "Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddaamn TEA!"

That got me everytime hahaha
3 years ago#39
"Send that soldier a bomb or something!"

*received grenade*
3 years ago#40
charyon posted...
"Neither cloud nor squal shall hinder us." (or something like that) Zidane, FF9

"You spoony bard!" Tellah, FF4

If someone post "I don't care", they actually care VERY much.
If they DON'T care, they WON'T bother posting.

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