If this game is terrible, are quitting SE and Final Fantasy forever?

#31TheGaijinPosted 2/4/2013 8:17:05 PM
I don't care about that Lightning game one but if the new version of FFXIV is bad, I will not be coming back I guess. It's their last chance in my book.
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Ampharos64 posted...
Enferolunos posted...
People who "give up" on a company are immature.

Oh, do you think so? I guess to me it seems pointless for someone to continue purchasing their games if they keep being disappointed each time. I suppose 'give up' might be an odd way to put it, though, and there would always be the possibility they'd eventually make something the person would enjoy.

Well yeah, if a game isn't good, don't buy it, but my point is that the people who are like "if this game is bad, I'm giving up on [company] and never buying their games again" are being immature. Refraining from buying games until they're good again? Mature. Deciding you never want to give a company another chance? Immature.
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Continue, because there is zero chance of this game being "terrible". Maybe not as good as previous games, but certainly not terrible.
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