Do the people who hate FF13

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3 years ago#61
zodiac_sword posted...
ExtremeLight posted...
(enemies of the state)

Just like in a lot of FF games.

Such wasn't the case in XII and X-2 though.
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3 years ago#62
oxnerd posted...
Also hate FF10? Or vice versa?

'Cause those games are one in the same, even the battle system is reminiscent of 10's with all the switching and what not.
Even the sequel! My god I just realized.

I can't imagine someone liking one and hating the other. 13 obviously took after 10 in so many ways.

FFXIII was pretty "meh" in my opinion. FFX is one of my favorites.
...and the battle systems are nothing like each other "with all the switching and what not".
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