13 is what started the venom spewing between fans

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I see. So then 8 and 9 were not major.

Not in terms of sales and popularity.

Was XII major or is XIII the major one?

Neither. X was the last major one. Xiii would had been but it is not as popular.
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I came in around XII which I didn't beat (got to fire summon) then I played FFVII's seuqels/prequels which I think were pretty good, Lightning's my fav character and even I think XIII-2 wasn't needed and admit it's what's caused the MOST split between fans, I haven't even played Type-0 and say it's the best FF, i hope they port it to PS4.....Vita doesn't have many good games and Wi-Fi playing sucks....
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Venom spewing started with FFXIII??????

Are you serious?
The only possible conclusion to what you said is that or you lived under a rock in the past or you are just a kid that has no idea how it was in the past,lol.

Venom spewing started WAY before FFXIII.
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FFXIII is just the current scapegoat. The hate existed long before FFXIII. I saw the amount of hate FFIX, FFX, X-2, XI, and XII received when they were the new game on the block. I also witnessed the hatred of FFVIII after the fact. You must either be a new gamer or lived under a rock the past 10+ years.
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