No one is forcing you to buy XIII series.

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theofficefan99 posted...

Yes, I was disappointed with XII, I liked but was extremely disappointed with XIII, I hated XIII-2, XIV was a failure, and LR looks like a massive pile of crap, but that doesn't destroy the immense love that I have for the other games, and I have to say that I really enjoyed my first playthrough of XIII despite being disappointed with it. It also doesn't destroy the hype I still have for Versus XIII and the potential I see in A Realm Reborn. I have also played the demo for Type-0 and I think that it is amazing.

You have seen one trailer. >_> You don't know that it is a massive pile of crap. Numerous good games have had crappy trailers. You got to realize how presumptuous you're being, right? At least wait till the game comes out before you make big judgments like that.