Will you buy an remake of FF7 the greatest game in the FF series of the PS1 era?

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Yuffie is not a mage.
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SonyHoundDawg posted...
FF7 is massively over rated. Its a big step down from the master piece of FF6 before it.

Anyways, if its just your typical HD remake I will not buy it.

IF they updated the graphics and such like Halo Anniversary and it was a $40 or cheaper price tag like that game, I probably would.

ff7 is better than ff6. 6 does nothing new. and has no story. and 6 fanboys are going to jump all over me and try to convince me that it does but in reality you have 6; 1/3 of the script of 7. everyone is a side character. basically a sandbox game in the second half. it's not a story. i mean terra gets developed like barret of 7.

and you can't even say 7 is overrated. if you had been alive when 7 was released you would realize how innovative it was. everyone copied 7. 7 was the gold standard. all the things 7 did right? people copied and put it in their game. of course it's not groundbreaking today because 7 set the standard
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zodiac_sword posted...
FireKatKid posted...
the story had gigantic holes

*points to the FF7 board*
Direct your questions there.

I'd really rather not. I like games that I can play and enjoy, not play and then go do research years later.
Sides, I never had questions for it anyways. About halfway through I gave up and just rushed to beat it.

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you do know there were only 3 games for final fantasy numbered on the ps1 right?

and for some, ff7 wasn't the greatest. Some liked 9 more or 8 more then 7.

as for a remake? Yes I'd buy it simply cause I can no longer play it since my PS3 doesn't play ps1 games and I'm not going to re-buy a game I already own for another 20$ if it has the same graphics + no voice acting.
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