The Goddess Lightning vs Thunder God Cid, who wins?

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XIII-2 was piss easy anyways, Lightning just makes me all the more aware that every regular enemy is capable of being one-shotted.
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Anyone who says TG Cid could beat Lightning is biased beyond anything. Pretending a human could beat Lightning is silly. No matter how much you hate her. You guys probably think he could take Cloud or something else silly.

He could because my argument being, If we take the characters from when they first become available in each game and pit them against each other,TG cid wins. FYI Cloud is my favorite protagonist but his overpoweredness comes late, Orlandu starts broken, and practically beats the rest of the game for you.

The topic is XIII-2 Lightning vs TG Cid. That's Lightning at her full power vs TG Cid at his full power.
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this topic is a proof that hating Lightning can cause brain damage to people.
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Uh TG Cid without a doubt. Not that Lightning wasn't impressive in that regard, but she wasn't "Solo the rest of the game" impressive. Plus it's a matter of style. Just...Orlandeau all the way.

Download the Requiem of the Goddess DLC and acquire Armored Lightning.

She soloed the rest of the game.

Nope, she sure didn't. Not sure what game you played, but she was a good, but not godly commando . So try again, bucko.

Are you serious? I think you need to replay the game. Lightning was one-shotting even Archelyte Steppe field bosses with a good enough chain to back her up.
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