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The title has the worst Ultimania (Archived)
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I don't want to do sidequests. Am I going to run into constant stat-checks? (Archived)
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Silent Sniper IV (M)128/25 6:51AM
Ugh this game is KILLING my gaming-OCD! (Archived)Aquatrez98/25 4:32AM
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What is the difference between ATB recovery and ATB speed? (Archived)KOTRsss28/24 1:34PM
How good is this game??? (Archived)
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Really bad at this game (Archived)
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NG+ on Hard, some questions. (Archived)Rabenovich98/23 9:24AM
Is it normal to not be purchasing a lot of weapons on day 2(first playthrough)? (Archived)Dr Jackal88/23 7:56AM
At 10am EDT tomorrow I will be speedrunning the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. (Archived)LewdDolphin2138/22 10:13PM
Funny theory - Seeresses>=L'Cie (spoilers) (Archived)thefernus98/22 10:05PM
The Girl Who Cried Wolf (spoilers) (Archived)
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Any more DLC coming? (Archived)
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Is this game greatest hits yet? (Archived)gjvaquino98/22 6:02AM
list the top tier garbs (Archived)
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Help request: on fighting earth eaters efficiently (Archived)jeffheng88/21 9:08PM
This game has a certain charm to it (Archived)
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Is any of the DLC any good? (Archived)ExtremeLuchador38/21 5:36PM
What are the sexiest garbs in the game? (Archived)
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Square-Enix asks you to pick the key personnel to lead the next Final Fantasy. (Poll)
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Dorami168/21 4:12PM