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is FF's gameplay nowadays a *failure* ? (Archived)
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Help me out. Assuming FFXIII ended with the cast remaining in... *spoilers* (Archived)new_tradition87/1 4:55AM
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Quest in the Dead Dunes (Archived)
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laytonrules146/30 7:37PM
New to the game (Archived)Hiatos66/30 5:49PM
How many heavy slashes do I need to max out 2 of them? (Archived)Emoboy300036/29 11:50PM
shouls i just new game+ and try again (Archived)
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BDMrenegade10126/29 8:27PM
Anyone run full magic dmg schemas?? (Archived)
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How do you guys do it? My days/time management is horrible. (Archived)
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Just got this game (Archived)Linktopower26/29 12:47PM
Outerworld Summoning HELP!! (Archived)Spangler91146/29 11:32AM
Should I bother with ng+? (Archived)Kebladeking46/29 9:14AM
Is it possible to replicate the Requiem "Roles" (XIII-2)? (Archived)Mimeblade26/27 1:41PM
Did anyone even use staves? (Archived)
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How do Launch, Haste Feeder, etc. work? *heavy spoilers of quest 1-5* (Archived)
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SquareFanatic126/27 12:06PM
Does Chronostasis need to Recharge before you can use it again? (Archived)knightblazer8556/27 8:49AM
Completed all main quests, can't get to Day 13. (Archived)
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GunSIinger246/26 11:56PM
Finished quests, Day 7 (Archived)Version21336/26 5:25PM
Passive Abilities / Synthesis / Recommended Weapon Upgrades? (Archived)Mimeblade76/26 5:11PM
How long will the Final Fantasy name be used? (Archived)
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neilion0116/26 5:06PM