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Does this game require a guide? (Archived)
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Ending question (MAJOR SPOILERS) (Archived)
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about damn time, $19.99 (Archived)
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does regular late R1 copies of lightning returns have dlc on it? (Archived)beny_pimpster311/11 2:54AM
Any scenes missed following the walkthrough at the end of the day? (Archived)Gaelstrom511/10 3:42AM
Bhunivelze (Archived)
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List of moves that can't be "perfect" timed? (Archived)polishtamales211/9 7:00AM
Is it just me? ._. (Archived)kyaramerunuxi311/9 5:45AM
Shops only selling superior/ultimate weapons (Archived)Jinkerpiff911/8 12:34AM
Farming Abilities - When is it too late? (Archived)polishtamales811/6 9:18PM
Where would you live on nova chrysalia? (Archived)inkubus922911/6 10:53AM
Is this game really for Xbone??? (Archived)Terra-enforcer311/6 8:14AM
Extra time (Archived)cr00m511/5 8:55AM
Snow Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Outerworld services (Archived)
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Running out of days. (Archived)cr00m611/4 8:23AM
I'm going to explain to you guys why exactly this game is bad. (Archived)
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does anybody have a box shot of the R3 version of the game (Archived)beny_pimpster111/2 8:57PM
What should I buy at Forges? (Archived)kholdstare5234811/2 4:24PM
Final Fantasy XIII Review (Archived)
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