final fantasy should not have sequels

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shippuden21 posted...
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I'm ok with both traditional gameplay and the new era gameplay.

just don't go back to FF9 art style cuz it's terrible.

i was trying to say different story each new final fantasy COD was example i am not saying final fantasy plays like COD. They make new COD each year that what they did with new final fantasy 13.

Uh it only 1 game being made in a year with is shorter than CoD titles. 13-2 yes but the story are by no mean the same and the gameplay is radically different.
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Why not? They can be good.
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FF needs more prequels.
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Technically, everything after 1 is a sequel. Just not linked in ant sort of way.
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I'm actually happy they are getting sequels, the more JRPGs the better