Do you think Lumina will be a boss?

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She's probably this game's less subtle version of Menrva from XIII. Though I doubt she'll end up being a body part for the final boss or turn into an airship that Lightning can use >.>
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Elice_Carol posted...
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Oh look, she's a cute young girl with her hair done similarly to Serah, great. It's too suspicious for me to think there's anything similar beyond the physical realm, and even then there are differences. For one, their facial structures are completely different, her ponytail is styled differently, her style is much darker, blahblahblah.

I still think that Lumina is a distorted version of Serah to constantly remind Lightning of her failure/"sins" (on purpose) and also a 'payback' for ruining Lindzei's (and Pulse, to an extent) original plans (FFXIII events) in the first place...
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No, I think maybe like she is an ally in the game.
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I'm the final boss