Lightning Returns would be more successful playing like Borderlands 2

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Very kinky 0w0
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Elice_Carol posted...

For you its Smeul.
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Handsome Jack, man, hilarious.
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shinigami_matt posted...
I'm surprised Boarderlands does so well in this day and age. I think I'm the only one who doesn't like it. It's ANOTHER shooter. All you do is shoot. So repetitive to me. Even with the abilities it doesn't change the fact that you shoot. The games have absolutely no story either. And the writing is just alright.

Run to vendor
Kill things
Return to vendor for quest reward
rinse and repeat 80 times.

The writing of Borderlands 2 is fantastic, not 'alright'.
Dresdenfall is amazing, if you know what I mean :) /wink wink
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