Best and Worst Protagonist in the Series

#131Kakashi_LawyerPosted 3/8/2013 2:09:30 PM(edited)
Best: Zidane (FFIX) and Ramza

Worst: Tidus(FFX) and Vaan (FFXII)
#132j-fielding95Posted 3/8/2013 1:51:47 PM
I don't have a best, so Lightning or Yuna.

I don't have a worst either, so Vaan or Bartz.
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DragoonGriffith posted...
Ragnarokius, why are you arguing with someone who slept through FFIX?

He must have purposely took some roofies before he played to make that excuse.
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Best: Zidane & Squall

Worst: Dissidia Terra & Cloud
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LuBu1975 posted...
KittenSndwchmkr posted...
LuBu1975 posted...

The blatant fact is Steiner is incomplete without his best weapon.

We just told you how to make Steiner obtain everything Excalibur 2 has to offer without getting it.

Have some honor and admit you were wrong.

I'm a man of honour. If I was wrong I would admit it. In this case I'm right so I can't. The fact is that you can only equip one weapon. No other weapon provides everything Excalibur 2 has in one. Yes you can mix and match like a hobo but it's not good enough imo.

It's funny how you guys are stooping to the level of calling his best weapon a collectors piece to defend this.

Have some honour and admit the quest was a stupid idea and IX would've been better without it.

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Yeah, much good it'll do when you fight something that absorbs Holy.
I prefer non elemental weapons, Ragnarok which is that, and I hit for 9999.
Excalibur II offers nothing except being a collector's item for a speedrun.
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