Best and Worst Protagonist in the Series

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3 years ago#31
Best - Locke (from the best game)
Worst - Lightning (from the game that ruined the franchise)
3 years ago#32
Worst-Lightning She takes everything grating about Squall and amplifies it.
Best- Vivi, Zell, Yuna are all light hearted and even more important, loyal while self sacrificing.
Favorite- Cloud, Titus, Yuna
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3 years ago#33
At the top we have.... hrm.... Tied with Zidane and Cloud, with Squall coming in second, dragged down by the low quality of his game.

Down at the bottom, we have the Farron sisters. There was no competition.
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3 years ago#34
Best: Terra

Worst: Lightning

The polarizing females.
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3 years ago#35
faruway posted...
Romangelo posted...
Best - Bartz, Terra, Squall and Ramza

Worst - Zidane

why Zidane? lame design, being an ultimate rip-off character. the name from Zidane the footballer and the look from Sun Goku / Sun Wukong.

So? :' Who cares? I like his backstory.

his backstory is a rip-off of Son Goku as well.

an alien who has been sent to destroy the planet but he lost his memories so he didn't do it.

worst protagonist from the worst FF ever. everything in this game look like it has been created in 5 minutes while Sakaguchi was sitting on the toilet. it's a throw away game anyway.
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3 years ago#36
Best: Cecil, Zidane, Cloud and Squall (before Rinoa).

Worst: Tidus, Rinoa, Rikku and Quina.
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3 years ago#37
Best: Terra (FFVI)

Worst: Lightning (FFXIII)
3 years ago#38
Best: Tidus from FFX. He just felt real to me.
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3 years ago#39
Best: Zidane, he was just such a likeable guy.

Worst: Locke, his side-quest is one of the worst in the game thanks to the magic of selective amnesia, and even with his side quest/backstory he's still a extremely one-dimensional character.
Whats even worse is the number of people who ACTUALLY THINK HE'S THE MAIN CHARACTER of FFVI, despite having little to no influence in the main plot other than being a part of the returners.
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3 years ago#40
i would have said lightning, but ceodore takes the place of being the worst protagonist.

i say my best would be eh, i dont really know about that one, because they are all okay.
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