Lightning is pretty much Serah's mom right?

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Lightning looks like an old hag compared to Serah.
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ZeroBeatt posted...

^The story of Lightning and Serah's life.

I can't believe I laughed.
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Lightning is described as being like a parent towards Serah, even if she's just her older sister. Lightning's VA said that as a part of the character, she was described as being more of a mother, and even a bit like a father, towards Serah.
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darkphoenix181 posted...
Didn't Lightning raise Serah and in FFXIII-2 Serah's desire to be a teacher came from her teacher (Lightning). This is also why it makes sense for Snow to postpone the wedding and look for Lightning. If Lightning is just looked as her sister, who cares. But if Lightning is kinda like Serah's mother, then it is important to get her blessing.

I'm pretty sure the whole "get Lightning's blessings" thing goes along with Japanese culture. Lightning is currently the head of the household; the elder sibling; and she'll be financially liable for not only Serah but Snow, seeing as how Snow has no job and doesn't plan on getting one any time soon.
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Snow, seeing as how Snow has no job and doesn't plan on getting one any time soon.

lol Snow is a bum eh?
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Serah iz ma wife, dawgs.
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I guess someone doesn't have a big sister. Most older sister act motherly to their younger brother and sister especially when both parents are gone.
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