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Lizards (Archived)Angelalex24229/30 12:19AM
Hunting Last Ones in first playthrough (Archived)Alozaps79/29 11:35PM
Where are all the Chimera? (Archived)tajfos59/29 12:32PM
Gorgonospid (Archived)Angelalex24269/29 11:55AM
Am I the only one colouring my garbs? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
DeliahvdZ249/27 8:22AM
Demo Garb (Archived)Angelalex24219/25 10:56PM
Can someone find me a source (Possible spoilers?) (Archived)xXxHaseoxXx59/25 5:33PM
I need heat blitz and the fire accessory. (Archived)Splinter_Within59/25 3:08PM
Arcangeli Omega is Hell! (Archived)mrawsh69/25 2:13PM
don't understand why elemental blitzes are so hard to get. (Archived)Jean723139/25 11:53AM
maxing elementga (Archived)chocoflare109/25 11:40AM
Ultima Weapon in NG+ glitch? (Archived)DeliahvdZ29/25 9:23AM
Best Difficulty for playing completely blind (no guides / no DLC) (Archived)RykoLibre69/25 7:18AM
When does "The Girl Who Cried Wolf" start? (Archived)Miku_36939/25 1:59AM
Final Fantasy Lightning Returns Questions About The Ending [SPOILERS] (Archived)Raccoon_079/24 6:14PM
A few questions (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
mrawsh119/24 3:37PM
Question about Strong Finale (Archived)Fwahm29/24 2:12PM
Only one enemy drops Thundara. Made Hanuman extinct. Now what? (Archived)Dr Jackal59/24 4:29AM
If you like Final Fantasy XIII, you'd love Xenosaga. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SammyKneen129/23 5:47PM
chaos personal guard (Archived)chocoflare19/23 2:19PM
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