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This worth playing? (Archived)
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Big price drop at Gamestop (27.99-29.99) Is this a sale or a permanent drop? (Archived)
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Just finished the game. *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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Day 09, sleep or sidequest? (Archived)pii_chan57/27 8:35AM
What are your thoughts on the music of the XIII series? (Archived)
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okay well....this ultimate lair...not gonna happen (Archived)
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Currently Translating: FF13 UO Novella that nobody has heard of (Archived)
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What is the song that plays when you are about to beat Noel? (Archived)BMNBMN7297/24 11:42AM
It's like SE was playing Corrupt-A-Wish when they designed this game. (Archived)
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Hard mode (Archived)
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