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New Novel: ~Tracer of Memories~ (Archived)
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Ending Spoilers. (Archived)
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Mythril malistones? (Archived)DeliahvdZ49/20 4:16AM
Morgenstern or Stigma? (Archived)DeliahvdZ29/19 5:44PM
I have done all five main quests by the end of Day six. now what? (Archived)Lagunathemoron59/19 12:48PM
Final Day in the Ark... purchases (Archived)fondntcookie29/19 1:38AM
Steam Logo At The Bottom Of Final Fantasy XIII Portal Page (Archived)
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YUS-DD Highway Day 13 Soul Seeds (Archived)fondntcookie49/18 11:46AM
Ultimate Lair on Day 13? or rather Day 14? (Archived)julzrulz14549/18 8:17AM
Worth the purchase if a fan of the first two? (Archived)
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I finally beat Aeronite!! (Archived)
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Can we all agree XIII-2 had the best soundtrack out of the three games? (Archived)GunkoGunko109/17 8:40PM
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Where is the Adventuring Essentials merchant in The Wildlands? (Archived)Dr Jackal39/17 6:29AM
Just finished Lightning Returns, quality all the way! (Archived)
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