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The Bachelorette: Lightning *spoilers* (Poll)
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Outerworld Garbs (Archived)
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Last 2 days for "The Thirteenth Farewell'! (Archived)Boricua_Kidd2174/30 12:29PM
Thinking about picking this up. Could anyone here.. *spoilers* (Archived)
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Do you get anything for doing all the sidequests/Canvas quests? (Archived)Cyath74/30 5:06AM
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track title help (Archived)prssparda54/30 1:59AM
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I'm getting killed a lot by some of the enemies.. (Archived)wilowns184/29 10:58PM
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soul seed traders (Archived)FallenBlue44/29 10:10PM
Is there any point in Ultima other than wasting 100 ATB? (Archived)nurnberg64/29 9:22PM
Best FF Battle Theme (Archived)
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Lightning with no armor/weapon (Archived)Darki3lade64/29 2:58PM
So is this still a bad game? (Archived)
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Best setup for Final Boss? (please help) (Archived)OmniLionheart84/29 9:23AM
Spend gil on strong equipment or save for new game plus? (Archived)GaryPoppins24/29 9:08AM
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