So who do you prefer, Vaan or Lightning?

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3 years ago#31
i literally have no feelings whatsoever towards Vaan. that's how bad of a character he is
3 years ago#32
ExtremeLight posted...
King_Shortt_IX posted...
So a character with no depth is better than the strongest FF protagonist??

Lightning is not stronger than the warrior of light.

Based on what?

based on final fantasy nes. without him or the game being created lightning would not have been thought of.
my my it appears i have made an error.
3 years ago#33
After playing FFXII, RW, and TA2. I say Vaan.

Loved his growth in RW. TA2 he was my favorite ally aside from frimelda. Not to mention he had the best lines in that game and his redesign was cool.

Also one of my mains in duodecim next to Yuna and Squall. His pirate design yoshida made is actually pretty badass and if he were to ever star in another ivalice game I want him to wear that costume. Without the hat maybe
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3 years ago#34
I came in this thread expecting nobody to say they liked Vaan more. I'm pleasantly surprised to see him get so much love over Lightning. :)
Final Fantasy XII is a masterpiece in both game design and story.
3 years ago#35
That's an tricky question...
Vaan or Lightning...

I don't know! :<
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3 years ago#36
DragoonGriffith posted...
Vaan, because I'll take someone who isn't really remarkable over someone who tries too hard.


Or to put it another way, Vaan in XII at least had the decency to move out of the way and vanish, compared to XIII trying to shove Litghtning's shallow "I'm so edgy" persona on our faces
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3 years ago#37
TorgoForever posted...
FFTA2 Vaan

Currently Playing: Final Fantasy XIII-2.
3 years ago#38
I prefer light over Vaan but ff12 is an infinitly better game then ff13

If light was in a true FF game she would probably stand out as an above avarage FF protagonist.
3 years ago#39
Wow, go Vaan.

My faith in the fanbase has been restored
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3 years ago#40
Gonna have to go with Vaan.
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