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Log: Locked abilities only challenge playthrough (Archived)
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Can any of the DLC Schemata be obtained in the game? (Archived)Fwahm28/31 8:21AM
Too early to deal with Caius? (Archived)
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PS3 crashed need save file (Archived)BigDaddie12338/30 9:08AM
Not getting FF 13 and 13-2 schemata (Archived)da_illest10158/30 7:39AM
Battle Quote Audio Files Extracted And Labeled (Archived)
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FFXIII and XIII-2 save data Schemas.... (Archived)
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Is there a point to playing on Easy if you're already used to the game? (Archived)
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does the game "auto advance" to the final day at any point? (Archived)Doober288/29 3:47AM
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any parts of the game where elementa is useful/preferred? (Archived)inkubus922108/28 8:01PM
Haven't played in months, want to start a new playthrough - ideas? (Archived)JerokTerojokke38/28 7:31PM
What garbs is there that you don't get from Quests, Outfitters or Daily gifts? (Archived)Doober228/28 12:55PM
Min stats and Mandatory battles only not possible due to chocobo? (Archived)jeffheng48/28 3:06AM