I just realized who Lightning reminds me of. o.o

#1OpheliaAdenadePosted 3/22/2013 2:43:22 PM
Kstew. :O They both seem miserable most of the time and aren't that good at showing basic human emotion. If they ever make an XIII movie they should really cast Kstew in it. She'd be perfect. Just throw a pink wig on her.
#2darkphoenix181Posted 3/22/2013 2:45:41 PM
too late I called this a long time ago. Scarlet Johanason did a good job of this in Avengers too. Just give her pink hair instead of red.
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Oh my god. o.0
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#4Plant42Posted 3/22/2013 5:18:07 PM
Worst topic ever.
#5Jecths_FaythPosted 3/22/2013 6:51:18 PM
Kristian Stewart is garbage.
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#6minime_senPosted 3/22/2013 7:43:09 PM(edited)
There's a difference between looking bored (emotionless) and serious (stern).
Kstew is the former, Lightning is the latter.

The one that reminded me of K Steward's emotional range is actually Squall.
#7LeeC2013Posted 3/22/2013 7:37:13 PM
actually, one of my friends looks just like her, but is like polar opposite with personality. and she doesnt even know who lightning is.
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#8ZeroBeattPosted 3/22/2013 9:52:45 PM
Hmm...... You might be right TC. Though it's a little unkind to take Lightning to that exact level (because I think Kristen Stewart is just aweful), but honestly she isn't that far off. So for now I'll say I agree. XD
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You're not funny anymore.

Actually, you never were.
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