If this was XIII-2 and Toriyama wasn't bat**** crazy, would this receive as much

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Do you see Lightning's clothes. Seriously WTF.
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foo1239 posted...
Do you see Lightning's clothes. Seriously WTF.

yeah... its very hard for me to take her serious as a "strong" and "heroic" figure.

she looks like a failed showgirl-cosplayer hybrid.
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They need believability, its been a problem for all of the 13 games. Suspension of disbelief allows us to believe that there can be a magical world where time is broken, and there are somehow still days, and this ex-l'cie warrior lady is the only one who can save the world. It does not allow me to believe any person in the world could say the things they do in these games, and not be instantly ashamed of their apparent lack of social skills, and wear Ezio's robe thrown through a blender and sunglasses, and try to be serious. All they need, is slightly more down to earth designs, and dialogue that sounds real. Go rewatch some cutscenes from XIII and XIII-2. This series of games would get less hate if you could get absorbed in to them, but at every turn, they push you out of the experience.

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westonticklee posted...
Mog is the worst character to ever grace Final Fantasy besides Rinoa

I absolutly hated Mog in XIII-2, I really did...
Everytime he opened his mouth I wanted to punch him in the face---!
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