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I feel like I don't get how this game is suposed to be played. (Archived)PumpkinBelmont67/22 5:15PM
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Has Thunder experienced any character development since FF13? (Archived)
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which FF13trilogy character get most hate? (Archived)
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Where do I get the last EP? (spoilers?) (Archived)Holystar47/20 9:50PM
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Does Normal mode have better drop rates than easy? (Archived)VegaGG87/20 7:52AM
How is this compared to the first two games and will I enjoy it more? (Archived)
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I just saw a Lightning decal on the side of someone's car (Archived)
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(SPOILER) Normal difficulty Bhuni+ trouble (Archived)squally123457/19 8:52AM
Lightning is the first FF protagonist that stays anti-social to the end. (Archived)
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