"Etro did it" (major spoilers for the XIII saga)

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She gave him the Heart of Chaos. Through it he wields the power of Chaos and is able to transform or rather merge with his beast.

HoC doesn't grant the user any power just immortality.

Words of Protectors Past

The Heart of Chaos does not grant the Guardian power—it eats away at their physical self. Caius did not gain an immortal body, but was cursed with eternal life.

Heed my words, Noel. You are the last protector, and the only one who can wrest the Heart's strength from Caius. In the instant you strike the life from his body, you shall either inherit the curse, or break its eternal grip. Only your will can slay fate one way or the other.

—Ultima Brand

And anybody can use the power of chaos.

And so him being immortal and then using said immortality to change the timeline so he destroys it isn't still her fault? Fact I was making is it's her fault Caius was able to do what he did, and your point hardly contradicts that. Quite the opposite since if he wasn't immortal he wouldn't have been able to f*** around with time like he did, nor would he be able to kill her by getting stabbed in the heart.

Messin with the timeline has nothing to do with the heart.
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I blame Toriyama.
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Messin with the timeline has nothing to do with the heart.

It does when a major reason Caius was able to do that was being immortal and thus able to live forever. If he had not been immortal he would not have been able to f*** up all of time and destroy it, so it is indeed him having the heart that caused all of this. If he did not have it he would not have been able to do much.
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