Final Fantasy XIII reboot announced

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User Info: BuddhHA0991

3 years ago#21
I'd shrug and resume browsing through Eva generals.
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User Info: Sir_Tom_Jones

3 years ago#22
Staaahp. That would be a disaaaaaaaster.
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User Info: 7lightsXIII

3 years ago#23
Why the hell would be there be a reboot?
...In a Sexual way...

User Info: Reaper_ExE

3 years ago#24
dils-d posted...
Day 1 purchase.
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User Info: gwoodtamu

3 years ago#25
First reaction:

"If you change the future, you change the past."

User Info: Dinah7

3 years ago#26
Wouldn't put it pas SE, actually seems like something theyd do they love lightning and FFXIII

User Info: Iampony1

3 years ago#27
ReposessionMan posted...

"Oh lookie, MGS5 is around the corner, and the trailer itself is ten thousand times better than FF was since 2008".

The truth brings pain to my heart.....
O well, it was dead after the "To be Continued" anyway

User Info: kittygomeeow

3 years ago#28
Hmm, if SE wanted to go bankrupt that badly they could've simply asked me and I would've gladly taken the billions off of their hands.

User Info: ZeroBeatt

3 years ago#29
They should remake it with one of the past protagonists, taking Lightning's role, as the main character.

User Info: Sinistrad767

3 years ago#30
Not interested.
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