Does FF Take Itself Too Seriously?

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darkphoenix181 posted...
FF7 had the nailbat! It didn't take itself too seriously and we all were better for it.

We're not better for it.
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thanks for topic idea:
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VanilleHopen posted...
this topic is fail... FF xiii-2 had a lot of silly moments...

that riddle guy....
the mog paradox ending...
captain cryptic....


But that humor is terrible. Especially the riddle guy, that comedy is based on ridiculousness the lowest form of comedy
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this topic is fail... FF xiii-2 had a lot of silly moments...

The ending was pretty hilarious.
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FF fans take it too seriously.
Not interested.
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DragoonGriffith posted...
Ah04385 posted...

What game had that?

Graces f.

And it was so awesome because if it.

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TOO seriously.
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Why so serious?
Not interested.