This game needs a karaoke mini-game

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Sir_Tom_Jones posted...
Destroyer_Mage posted...

Lightning:"Girls just wanna have fuuuuunnn!That's all they really wantttt!"

Ah yes,Lightning will finally be able to show off that wonderful baritone voice we all know and love :p

We saying ooooreoooo, oooreoooo. You are now rocking with Will I AM and Britneeeeeey bitz. Couldnt resist either.

Lmao Sazh and Lightning Duet?
Of course Sazh will be Britney XD
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kupo1705 posted...
With a usable microphone.

throw in a dance pad and im sold
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It needs the opposite of karaoke.


Think again. ;-)
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A Light/ Hope duet please. I bet she sucks hard at singing.
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No game should ever have this.

Speaking of singing I got a kick out of Sora singing 'Under the Sea' in KH 2.

Considering his voice actor is an actor and not a singer, he actually has a pretty pleasant singing voice. :)
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...What's next, a Songstress wear for Lightning?

*shakes head and walks away*

(not that I mean to troll)
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