FF13 and FF13-2 would have been so awesome if they were WRPGs.

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Excuse me?
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Holy_Wraith posted...
If FF13 was WRPG then

- lightning would actually look like a woman
- vanille wouldn't be so orgasmic and a lost cause character
- game would have airships, boats and possibly a space ship

- FF13 fanbase would have normal people

-I am pretty sure there never was an argument against Lightning looking female.
-Yeah, thats true. (Though, having an older, less clothed character wouldn't be out of the question.
-Maybe not a space ship, but I'd like the airship/owl plane.

-You are kidding, right? Even without the FF name, this series would be causing controversy among people...yeah. Go humanity!
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No, they wouldn't.
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Elice_Carol posted...
From: VersusXIIIonPS4 | #005
"I fail to see how a WRPG can hold the JRPG torch."

Cuz SE is still Nipponese.

I smell a Japanophobe, if that even exists. Spell-check implies the opposite.

It's called White Pride, not Japanophobia.

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Who will be developer, TC?
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I fail to see the logic applied here.
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Clausudoisback posted...
Who will be developer, TC?

BioWare and NaughtyDog (Crash Bandicoot era.)