No... More.... Lightning Posts

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I wish we could stop, but SE is holding a gun to our head and forcing us to like her.
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I only post about Lightning to make my off-topic topics on-topic.
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j-fielding95 posted...
zodiac_sword posted...
Let's talk about that silly pair of glasses in P4.

What do you think it means when a girl leaves a fake mustache at your house?
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Dude.... you just made a Lightning post
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I actually get a laugh coming here and seeing random threads about ridiculous situations Lightning is thrown into.
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dils-d posted...
I only post about Lightning to make my off-topic topics on-topic.

I got nothing against you. I got something against the message.
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kirusu posted...
what is our focus?


"Lightning Returns is being made by delusional narcissistic auteurs."
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Eat Lightning. <Shoves Lightning down everyone's throats.>
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TC. How can you even ask that? Its called Lightning Returns genius. you can expect this to go on, no way to stop it.

Thats SE's goal right? Penetrate our mind with moar Lightning.
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