Name something from the XIII saga that you've done in real life

#21Panda_KunPosted 4/29/2013 6:10:29 PM
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#22heartlesshero17Posted 4/29/2013 6:55:51 PM
I ran from the authorities
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#23MagiusNecrosPosted 4/29/2013 6:57:10 PM
I can predict the weather!
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#24_Spes_Posted 4/29/2013 7:00:59 PM
Facilitated a purge.
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#25King_Shortt_IXPosted 4/29/2013 7:02:30 PM
I was a naked crystallized statue.
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#26Tobi011Posted 4/29/2013 7:32:51 PM(edited)
Became a goddess.
#27mistermikeymikePosted 4/29/2013 8:53:02 PM
I'm wasting my time right now as we speak
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#28Holy_WraithPosted 4/29/2013 9:15:17 PM
I rode a train, I killed a turtle, I threw a kupo over a cliff. I had a past girlfriend's sister to fall for me (like how Lightning fell for shirtless Snow)
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#29AshleyRiot223Posted 4/30/2013 3:09:28 AM
Enjoyed myself.
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#30Sir_Tom_JonesPosted 4/30/2013 3:19:02 AM(edited)
I asked my friends what their focus was.

Also, my mother is tough. Compared to Nora.
Its not unusual for Noctis to do ballet.